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Digital Nomad: Work online, Travel the world, live a location independent lifestyle

Are you looking at creating an online business that allows you to live in a location independent lifestyle and travel the world?

Not sure where to start?

By following the steps laid out in Digital Nomad, anyone can easily create a lifestyle focused towards setting up a business, making money online whilst travelling the world.

This book will help you:

• Kick-start your Business
• Discover Work available online
• How to Work from the road
• Set your Goals
• Build an audience
• The Art of Adapting to the World
• Learn how to invest your first £100 investment
• Research your market
• Finding a Place to Stay
• Organize your productivity

Also explains:

• Creative Generation
• Concept of a Nomad
• What a Digital Nomad is
• Ways to earn money online
• Keywords
• Automation
• Passive income
• Creating Schedule's
• Analytics
• Importance of Email List's

Special sections surrounding:

• Creating content to engage an audience
• Chiang Mai, Thailand starter guide
• Basic Gear guide For Digital Nomads
• Setting up a Bank Account
• Setting up a Mobile Phone Abroad
• Pomodoro Technique
• Bullet Journal
• Round the World Flight (RTW)

Issues addressed in this book:

• Morning rituals
• Killing Procrastination
• How to make friends on the road and create a global social circle
• Visa restrictions & Tax for digital Nomads
• How Traditional Employment is Shifting
• How to manage Customer service remotely
• Time to Establish Yourself

A personal note from the author

I wrote Digital Nomad to help others look at setting up an online business, make money online and to travel the world and live a location independent lifestyle full time. I was once in your shoes and understand it can be a worrying endeavor from the start. I'm here to tell you that it's possible, with the information outlined in Digital Nomad, it contains everything needed to understand the basics of working online and travelling the world. I wrote a personal opening chapter about my first experience to help you understand that we all have to start somewhere. Within this book I teach you how to become a Digital Nomad with easy to follow steps that I've personally followed based on my past 10 years of experience travelling round the world living a Nomadic lifestyle. I wish you all the best with your adventure. Scroll up, click the buy button and start your journey today!

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